Bombs are a type of Obstacle in Canabalt. They will fall incredibly fast on the building the player is running on. When the player hits them, they will explode in there will be a flash of white on the screen. When the white clears, there will be a death message, saying: "you ran -m before turning into a fine mist". Bombs can be difficult to avoid due to their ability to surprise you. Bombs must be very powerful, as they can destroy entire buildings (evidenced by the falling debris when the player is killed). Bombs can be predicted by a quiet noise about 1.5 seconds before the bomb reaches the player. This time may vary, however, due to the fact that bombs are programmed to land on buildings a certain distance away from the player.
CANABALT Record personal (7290m)02:47

CANABALT Record personal (7290m)

at around 2:30 The Player is killed by a bomb

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